Reliable installation of home surveillance systems in Burlington, Woburn & Wakefield, MA

Home security cameras can help you feel more at ease. The ability to see outside of your home will allow you to be more aware of any human or animal trespassers. If you want to keep a vigilant eye on your property, choose KW Fire & Security Inc to install your home surveillance systems.

We proudly serve Burlington, Woburn, Wakefield, MA and surrounding areas. For any questions about our services, call us at 617-913-7855.

What features come with a surveillance system?

Home surveillance systems let you watch over your property like a hawk. The Hikvision systems we use have many useful features, including:

  • Night vision
  • Free online viewing
  • A two-way audio system
  • An associated mobile app
  • 3D cameras with motion detectors

These features are some of the many reasons Hikvision home security cameras are a well-known brand. To learn more about surveillance, contact us today.